Einstein was right!
God is not playing dice with the Universe.
The Universe is playing dice to compute God.

° Foresight Institute

° Science in the Next Millennium
  Remarks by Stephen Hawking
  deleted from Whitehouse Web
  This is actually a copy I resorted to rewrite from a a paper copy
  saved by casuality ... any other link available?

° Gödel and the end of physics
  A Lecture of Stephen Hawking

° Why the future doesn't need us.
  Bill Joy considerations on the Future ...

° Frank Tipler
  Omega Point Theory

° Vernor Vinge
  Technological Singularity

° Victor J. Stenger
  avoid list

° Quantum Information and Computation
  John Preskill Course at Caltech

° Quantum information and quantum computation at IBM
  IBM strikes again ...

° Quantum Information at IBM Almaden
  The next generation ...?

° QCL - A Programming Language for Quantum Computers
  Quantum Programming

° Quantum Computing with Molecules
  Desktop Quantum Computer ...?
  by Neil Gershenfeld and Isaac L. Chuang

° G.J. Chaitin Home Page
  The Limits of Mathematics, Gödel's Theorem, ...

° From Heisenberg to Goedel via Chaitin
  An interesting paper of C.S. Calude, M.A. Stay

° The Everett Interpretation
  The Everett FAQ ...

° David Deutsch's Home Page
  The Structure of the Multiverse

° Process Physics
  Quantum Foam?

° Max Tegmark Page
  Does the universe in fact contain almost no information? ...

° Clifford A. Pickover Home Page
  Get the time to take a look ...

° Digital Instruments
  Nano Instruments?

° A.L.I.C.E.
  The best AI may do for us by now?

° VLTI: The Very Large Telescope Interferometer
  It may be the first to look at life outside solar system ...

° VentureStar   Microcraft
  NASA   Oak Ridge   Lockheed Martin
  The X-33: a breakthrough in the space
  The project is closed by now ... but who knows?

° The Intelligent Universe: Ray Kurzweil
  An interview with R. Kurzweil

My message to the KEO project (Italian)